I'm Robert Brook. I live and work in London.

I shifted from the World Service, to Radio 4, to Radio 3 - then to podcasts. I tried Radio 4 again recently. It’s like no time has passed at all. Why not? What happened? Why did nothing change? What would a rebooted Radio 4 sound like?

“Half the Americans he meets seem one sandwich short of a picnic. Many prefer to square up to [Gordon Ramsey] for a fight or ignore him altogether.” Rich Pelley

The App Store is micropayments, isn’t it?

“But it’s a comforting kind of untruth …” Merlin Mann

“Pine and Juniper, Together” - a photograph from Alan Levine

“The wind bends the Marram grass straw whose shadow stretches to complete a circle.” - a photograph from Sigfrid Lundberg

Not everything that is unethical is illegal. What about the other way around?

“A website should not fight the browser. Let the browser provide the chrome, and simply provide the content.” John Gruber

Wonderful though Frontier was, I think Brent Simmons should instead think about developing Pharo. It’s on a virtual machine, the code is built into the environment, the tooling is pretty amazing, it has addressable structures that feel like tables to me and it’s open source.

“As Marina Abramović said: a good artist has one great idea; a genius has two.” Tommy Cash

“Graham says he used to have ‘nice hairy legs’ - after he got Cotard’s [syndrome], all the hairs fell out. ‘I looked like a plucked chicken! Saves shaving them I suppose.’” Helen Thompson

It’s too warm to wear headphones. The river is full, tipped up to meet the heavy trees. Between the rails, birds call frantically. Dust on leaves. The sky is a copper blue. We are all silent, slowed, except where the sun touches, where people glide quickly towards the shadows.

At last, reasonable coffee on Kings Road. Hagen, opposite the Curzon. They’re not up to speed quite yet - and everything’s £2. If they keep it real, I’ll be back. Don’t tell me about any other places on Kings Road for coffee. They all suck and need to know it.

“At the time of writing, the general election has not yet occurred. No doubt, … everybody will be able to look back and see that the result was inevitable.” Clive James

“Therefore, when the Dao is lost there is Virtue, When Virtue is lost there is humanity, When humanity is lost there is righteousness, When righteousness is lost there is morality.”

Every time I hear the opening to Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman”, I think I’m going to fast forward. I never do. I never do.

”… even where science isn’t needed.” John Roderick

This year I didn’t go to the book fair at Olympia, in London. I’ve been before - and it’s very interesting - but I find it quite different from most book fairs I’ve been to. It’s more of an exhibition and trade show. I’m looking for somewhere I can pick up stuff for under £10.

“When working with the Portable Antiquities Scheme, the concept of a ‘forward job plan’ is somewhat laughable …” Sam Moorhead British Museum Finds Adviser writes on the Frome Hoard and it’s impact.

“I have no doubt that discovering Barbara Jones was one of the more important things that happened to me, and helped form the way I work.” Peter Blake

Every little seemingly unannounced change on Flickr makes me nervous. Viewing a photo from the Camera Roll is still alpha. “Profiles got a makeover” - and that’s also marked as alpha. Surely you’d build confidence with the basic features, not by adding this sort of stuff.

Wouldn’t it be great if Apple made a Siri speaker which wrapped an Airport Express - or even a Time Machine drive …

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