I'm Robert Brook. I live and work in London.


The three weightiest applications on this particular machine are Microsoft Outlook (1.66 GB), Microsoft Excel (1.54 GB) and Microsoft PowerPoint (1.42 GB).

“I know a little XSLT, so I’ll concede that there’s a method to its madness. But it’s still madness.” Matthew Butterick

“I’m mystified by the popularity of Markdown among writers.” Matthew Butterick makes his case against it.

“I had teachers call me names like sissy and pansy and was singled out by one teacher who compared me to a plague.” N.I. student quoted by Henry McDonald

“London is at the centre of Britain’s trend towards the creation of pseudo-public spaces.” Jack Shenker

”… our tomato plants are on their last legs and two squirrels in as many days have had their lives cut short in our back garden thanks to our cats.” Pete Polanyk

“I would be lying if I said that ‘Nixon’s White House Wars’ was a pleasure to read … [it] was like … reading a gripping account of the Titanic disaster.” Aram Bakshian Jr.

“Preference is subjective, and many power users like to reduce UI overhead even further once they’ve learned how the interface works.” James Craig

I was going to point to a thing someone did to wire up a ‘quantified self’ measurement to a house-plant, but I’m not sure I’m really into it any more.

“I just like to hear from people who don’t position themselves as absolute teachers to their audience.” Anke Holst

“Long skirts, generously cut tops, opulent knits and rich textures all make modesty this autumn’s big new trend.” Jo Jones - Modesty?

The most difficult part is not when someone turns away, as you have always expected, but rather when they look more intently at you - and expect some response.

“I would describe Los Angeles as actually not having taste. In New York there’s taste. But you have to remember that taste is censorship. It’s a form of restriction.” James Turrell

James Turrell’s advice on how to do art: “… stay at a pub, watch the sunset, have dinner, get up early to catch the dawn.” James Gayford

“The truth is that the most powerful artworks here – from Johns to Nauman to Celmins to Ruscha to the nimble etchings by Julie Mehretu that close the show, are paeans to uncertainty and incompleteness.” Susan Tallman

“In 1971, British band Web abruptly changed its name to Samurai and released this self-titled set, its sole contribution to the prog rock canon.” Discogs

”… what on the savannah might have kept us reproducing, in thrall to our communal band, and with sufficient resources to guard against hunger or competition now linger in us.” John L. Murphy

”… the unlikely prolonged existence of futurism - a movement transformed far beyond itself … held together by pieces of fluff and dust …” John F. Ptak