2017 — No.17

SoLiD is a proposed set of conventions for building decentralized social applications on the Linked Data stack. SoLiD is modular and extensible. It relies as much as possible on existing W3C standards. SoLiD applications are somewhat like multiuser applications where instances talk to each other through a shared filesystem, and the Web is that filesystem. SoLiD ← Too little, too late, perhaps?

We're worse than stuck. Twitter hasn't moved in a decade. Google owned then abandoned RSS readers. Facebook smothered linking. Dave Winer 🔥

Music Still feeling very conflicted about Spotify playlists … The Goldberg Variations in Overtonetinyrave.comSonic Pi

Code IRC DIY … An interactive guide to package.json … The problem, they say, in inefficient filters. Maybe. Anyway: I'm a big fan of Favejet and similar services. I wrote a very bad PHP page to find all the photos favourited by accounts I follow on Flickr, in the last week. It's almost unusably slow. But it does the job. … Self-hosted IRC client → the lounge 💻

Fashion James Theseus Buck and Luke Brook are two names you need to know. Tish Weinstock writes up no relation.

passwordistoostrong.tumblr.com … still futzing with the CSS … Ben TolmanUsing a Force Touch trackpad ← still can't get used to Apple's new font … did I actually buy a copy of OmniFocus? … guardian.gyford.com is still great 😍 thanks Phil … Self-hosting GNU Social ← how's Mastodon doing?

Photography For long days we cycled and talked, looking, staring, watching, observing. Within a few months we were making the kinds of photographs neither of us would have made alone. David Campany describes his work with Polly Braden. Some of their photos are at The Guardian. 📷

Robert Brook

Flickr photos + public mirror. Pinboard links. Amazon wishlist.

I live in London and I work at the UK Parliament. 🎂 It's my birthday next week.