Facebook and Google seem very powerful, but they live about a week from total ruin all the time. They know the cost of leaving social networks individually is high, but en masse, becomes next to nothing. Windows could be replaced with something better written. The US government would fall to a general revolt in a matter of days. It wouldn’t take a total defection or a general revolt to change everything, because corporations and governments would rather bend to demands than die. These entities do everything they can get away with — but we’ve forgotten that we’re the ones that are letting them get away with things. Quinn Norton (2014)


1992-3 was a good time for me musically. I’d set up my own label, Kebab Kulture Music and several 12″ singles of mine became hits in Cyprus. Pete Polanyk

On blackbirds: Their voice is mellow and fluting (and at a lovely pitch for human ears to listen to), but also very varied, with trills, clucks and burred notes. Each song is made up of short phrases, followed by a short rests, and because each phrase seems to be unique, you’re always wondering what will be coming in the next phrase. bsag


A lovely nice new road surface, from Giles Turnbull

Suppose youngsters have played games like those you play with Warhammer Miniatures for centuries without being harmed, really. Still I do really believe that our world could have been a little better without such fantasies. Sigfrid Lundberg

Almost all of the photos I upload to Flickr are available for use without restriction: have a look, you may find something useful. I hope you do.

Nisus Writer still exists, is still great …


On Camden Market, where I've not been for decades, which seems to have changed, somewhat: One man there was in love with apples, and shared his Burr Knots, Black Wildings, Foxwhelps, Brown Cockles, Ramping Tauruses, Electric Broadtails, Hagloe Crab-flaps, Norfolk Beefings, Spank-my-girdles, Cornish Imbeciles, Skyrme’s Trumpet-Kernels, Bitter-skids and Bastard Rough Coats, all the while, as he handed over rustling paper bags to his guests, advising them on which were best for fire-roasting, which for flavouring ales, which for broiling, which for October, which for May, which had a nutmeggy taste, which caraway, which biscuit, which — even — banana. Darren Allen


Every news reporter alive knows a ton of stuff that doesn’t get expressed in her formal work product. We need better ways to capture that unused value. It’s news organizations’ jobs to build the permission structures that can make that happen. Joshua Benton too late then, too late now


Brent Simmons is porting Frontier to - well, from the past to the present, I suppose. Brent also describes Ballard, a language not unlike Frontier's UserTalk. I spent a lot of time in Frontier and enjoyed it, despite not absolutely understanding what was going on all of the time.